Design JSC "TOTEM" launched in 2003 a cohesive team of professionals with huge experience in designing of power industry, housing construction and urban electric transport. In 2017 on the basis of Kazan and Moscow design divisions were organized The design management of JSC "TOTEM".

  Management performs the design of industrial power supply, substations up to 220 kV, overhead and cable lines of 6-10 kV, relay protection and automation, internal lighting and power equipment residential and public buildings, outdoor lighting, ASCAEE, power trams, the depot and metro stations. Design decisions are made taking into account the experience and suggestions of the electricians and fitters, which positively affects the quality of design and responsiveness in the process of installation through the operational adjustments in the project documentation in emergency situations. In addition, the project works as part of a single contract for the construction of the facility (commissioning and commissioning) gives a significant reduction of terms of design and construction and the implementation of a direct author's and performer's control.

JSC "Tatelektromontazh" opportunities

Implemented projects:

GPP-3 Complex NP and NH in Nizhnekamsk, JSC "TANECO";

Kazan metro – combined transformer substation stations metro «Козья Слобода», «Яшелек», «Северный вокзал», «Авиастроительная», «Дубравная»;

The Moscow metro – traction-secondary substation stations metro «Лесопарковая», «Битцевский Парк», электродепо «Митино», «Лихоборы»;

traction substation, contact network, cable lines 10 kV, dispatching tram line in the city of Nizhnekamsk;

- projects for the reconstruction of a number of industrial enterprises, including PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"JSC "Nizhnekamsk carbon black plant", JSC "Nizhnekamskshina"CJSC "Chelnyvodokanal"ZAO "tekhstroy",concern "Kalashnikov", Togliatti-Azot etc.



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