Industrial production

        One of the main activities of JSC "TATELEKTROMONTAZH" is industrial production, which provides two factories: the factory of electrical products (ZEMI, Naberezhnye Chelny) and Kazan plant of lighting equipment. ZEMI produces electrical products, low-voltage and high-voltage complete devices, supports of power lines (transmission lines) 0.4 - 500 kV, a wide range of lighting poles, ranging from intra-ending floor lamps and trunk lighting poles, light poles, radio towers and cellular structures (cable and process pipe racks, supporting structures of industrial buildings). Also, the factory produces a wide range of cable designs, both standard and developed at the request of customers, such as heavy cable trays, reinforced shelves, and much more. One of the new areas was the launch in 2013 at the plant of the new building for the production of multi-faceted and kruglogorski supports.

The main advantage of the multi-faceted and kruglogorski poles - low weight, modern appearance, ease of installation and dismantling, structural strength, high passive safety of support along the roads, the possibility of designing supports for any requirements. Compared to reinforced concrete more workable, practically not affected by atmospheric effects and dynamic destruction. Sections of the supports have a length up to 12 meters, which allows to transport vehicles or rail.

Innovative technology of ZEMI became the first in Russia to launch the robotic complex (RBC) - includes adaptive training flange Assembly and welding of a multi-faceted and kruglogorski supports. Hot-dip galvanizing (in cooperation) a fully closed cycle of production supports. High strength and anti-corrosion properties, high resistance to dynamic loads and high passive safety and low maintenance offer a broad range of applications and supports multi-faceted kruglogorski as:

- lighting poles and folding pramocaine height from 3 to 12 meters for lighting of any facilities (roads, bridges, parks, etc.).

- powertrain mounts is designed for the floodlight towers at any object, including for installation of advertising designs and lightning arresters.

- supports of contact network pramocaine faceted intended for laying of transmission lines, contact lines of electric vehicles. Support satisfy all of the requirements of SNiP 2.05.09-90 "Tram and trolleybus lines".

The warranty period supports, covered by hot dip galvanizing - 25-30 years.

The government Commission on the visit recommended that the relevant ministries and agencies to use more extensively the potential of the enterprise.

           For active participation in the competition "100 best goods of RT" the plant was awarded the diploma of I degree for versatile lighting poles.

            Kazan plant of lighting equipment was established on 1 November 1991 in the composition of the Trust "Tatelectromontazh" for the manufacture of lighting equipment and cable structures. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of lamps was placed on new buildings of Moscow and Kazan.

From 2010-2011, she developed and mastered the serial production of the following products:

cable rack, rack for heavy cables, brackets, boxes for architectural illumination of buildings, expanded the wide range of profiles;

cable Jack, hydraulic, for heavy cables up to 20t.;

a set of tools for the unwinding of the cable 160mm diameter: roller linear roller angular roller window manufacturer roller;

shockproof lamps for housing and communal services and address pointers to the LEDs;

led lighting fixtures office SSO;

led lamps for street and industrial series SSA and SSP;

frames panel equipment: lying, DB, QU, YAU, lighting panels.

      These products were supplied to TANECO, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhnekamsk refinery, Kazan metro, cable collectors and chambers of Moscow, JSC "Kazancompressormash", medical institutions of Russia, objects of housing construction, JSC "Orgsintez", Kazan, for architectural illumination of Moscow and other large objects of Tatarstan and Russia. For "Network companies" was developed and manufactured hundreds of anti-vandal shields accounting. Currently серийнsq the production of explosion-proof boxes and lamps.

      For active participation in the XV national contest for the best enterprise of construction the plant was awarded a diploma.




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