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Enterprise "TATELECTROMONTAZH" founded in 1957. In 1993 the state enterprise transformed into a Joint stock company.

About company JSC "Tatelektromontazh"

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Part JSC "TOTEM" includes:

♦ 6 монтажных управлений;

♦ 2 строительных управления;

♦ пуско-наладочное управление;

♦ завод электромонтажных изделий;

♦ управление логистики.

♦ Учебный центр .



The principal activities of the company are:

♦ строительные работы;

♦ коммерческая деятельность, оптово-розничная торговля

♦ электромонтажные работы;

♦ пуско-наладочные работы;Commissioning

♦ промышленное производство;

♦ работы по монтажу связи, КИП и автоматики;

♦ транспортные услуги;

♦ проектирование;

♦ инжиниринг;

♦ обучение;

♦ управление недвижимостью;

♦ девелопмент.

  Development trends JSC "TOTEM" generally consistent with overall industry trends. JSC "TOTEM" has a high reputation in its industry and a high Bank rating. Annual results of development of priority directions of its activities are generally evaluated as successful.

 In 2016 JSC "TOTEM" the results of national business rating of the enterprises of the NACE 45.31 "electrical contractors" was ranked first among all reporting in the statistics of enterprises of Russia granting the Federal certificate and award status «Лидер отрасли 2016» . JSC "TOTEM" confirmed their status in the nomination «Элита строительного комплекса России» and was awarded the Grand Prix Diploma of 2 degrees. Production Plant of electrical products JSC "TOTEM" received the Diploma of I degree in the nomination «Лучшие товары и услуги Республики Татарстан».

JSC "TOTEM"  certified in the quality management system of "Russian Register" for compliance with the requirements of International standard ISO 9001: 2008 certification system IQNet.

Construction projects:

Team NKMU JSC Tatelektromontazh – the winner of the competition of teams of installers at TANECO

♦г. Москва, метрополитен, станции«Нижегородская», «Проспект Вернадского»

♦ г.Нижнекамск – нефтеперерабатывающий комплекс «ТАНЕКО» - II очередь, кабельные линии 220, 110 кВ ТЭЦ-2, ТЭЦ. Площадки завода по переработке тяжелых остатков ТАИФ-НК, жилье и соцкультбыт;

♦ г.Казань – АО «Силикон», АО «Казаньоргсинтез», объекты жилья;

♦ г. Москва – « НПЗ – нефтеперарбатывающий завод»;

♦ нефтяные районы Республики Татарстан и Самарской области;

♦ г.Зеленодольск, Набережные Челны.

 Priority tasks of development of Society are works on installation of the electrical part of industrial facilities and power construction of "turnkey", including substation and overhead line 220, 110 kV, the development of the construction business and industrial activities and the design of the case.

 The aim is to increase the volume of works and on this basis, stabilization of the welfare and social protection of workers JSC "TOTEM", wage increases with a corresponding increase in labor productivity, increased profits and, consequently, the expansion of production and social programs.

 Measures aimed at reducing costs, optimizing the internal structure JSC .TOTEM"   A program of staff motivation and Corporate code.

  In 2017 in accordance with the decision of the annual General meeting of shareholders of 27 April 2017. :

General Director JSC "Tatelektromontazh" he was elected Soluyanov Dmitry Yuryevich

 the Board of Directors were elected:

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Soluyanov Yuriy Ivanovich

The members of the Board of Directors:

Soluyanov Dmitry Yuryevich

Temples Yuri

Shagivaliev Ahnaf Akhmetovich

Sergey Viktorovich


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Russia, Republic Of Tatarstan
Jur.Address:420132, Kazan, Adoratskogo street, house 50, office 201

Fact.Address:420132, Kazan, Adoratskogo str., 50A
Postal address:420132, Kazan. and,I 27


(843) 237-70-03
Management of logistics:
(843) 522-65-00, 522-64-48

Property management:
8-843-204-01-83 ( EXT. 72, 73)

Учебный центр: (843) 522-63-12