Almetyevsk montazhnoe UPRAVLENIE-AMU

Almetyevsk installation management has been operating since 1958.

Almetyevsk installation management

The field of activity - large industrial facilities and oil production facilities: QNA with the substations 35/6 kV, commodity parks, installations of preparation of oil (of the occp), tens of thousands of kilometers of power lines of different voltage 0.4, 6, 10, 35, 110, 220kV and thousands of substations oilfield construction. The office participated in the execution of electrical works on large objects and construction of the Republic of Tatarstan (Nizhnekamsk petrochemical plant , KAMAZ, mgpz, ATZ, of ASPEN, "Radiopribor", molokokombinaty, bread plant, bakery factory) in the construction of the Vase and combine plant in Rostov-on-don, Oskol metallurgical plant and chemical plant in the city of Gubakha in the Urals, the cosmodrome "Baikonur", Volzhsky pipe plant and many other buildings of the former Soviet Union, as well as the construction of housing, schools, kindergartens, objects of trade, public health. Management specialists in the detachment of JSC "Tatelektromontazh" participated in the construction of the Kazan Underground.

Each facility, which manufactured electrical work: overhead line, substation, housing, oil field installations and other, control is performed using best practices installation techniques. Has changed qualitatively supports VL 35-110 kV. Currently used standardized metal supports assembled at the site. Launched escoboza metal supports, of type "ELSIE", the construction of overhead lines with application of CIP, implementation of the block installation of substation at the voltage of 35/6kV substation for cluster pump stations. Sufficient experience of installation of 6kV substations under the "key" together with the building part.

Management has successfully carried out electrical work on the medical building of OAO "Tatneft", Almetyevsk, complex NP and NC plants "TANECO", Nizhnekamsk (laying of cable trays, installation of lighting fixtures, cable laying), in the management of the "Tatneftegazpererabotka" (the revamp of gas sweetening plant, gas compressor station, the block receiving nitrogen, sulfur recovery unit 400 N, compressor air & I), on SBS "Almetyevsk OAO SFTP", reconstruction of objects of JSC "Tatneft" (IYPE), reconstruction RKB Kazan, reconstruction of VL-220 kV "TPP-3-a Zelenodolsk" for the object "Reconstruction of a motor road Yoshkar-Ola – Zelenodolsk", reconstruction of BMZ of JSC Tatneft, underground Parking near the school № 12 in the city of Almetyevsk.

 Performed electrical work on the installation of concrete supports for the object: "Arrangement of production of extra-viscous oil Karmalinskogo, Tuymetkinskogo, South Ashalchinskoye, lower-Karmelicka, Mill raising" Almetyevsk district of Tatarstan. The works were produced on the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line of the Moscow metro from the station "Victory Park" to station "Ramenki" to "Grand sports arena "Luzhniki"in Moscow, "revamp of sulfur removal when Minnibaevsk TSPS" of "Tatneftegazpererabotka" Administration, Almetyevsk, "the Complex of deep processing of heavy residues (HRCC at) JSC "TAIF-NK" in Nizhnekamsk, "the Construction of internal networks of street lighting in the city of Almetyevsk", "Technical re-equipment of the tank farm of Cheboksary of the Chuvash branch of LLC "Tatneft-AZS Center", the work performed by the outside lighting of the perimeter of the city lake, lighting and electricity pool, electricity hydrous Wake Park, spray Park, KNS club "iceberg" on the object: "Construction of recreation zone on the territory of the city of lake in Almetyevsk".


In recent years, the office has successfully completed electrical works during the reconstruction of streets Shevchenko and buildings medical College, forming the site of the foundry of JSC "ALNAS", cascade ponds 6 turns, the construction of a residential complex of two buildings with underground Parking in the district ALSU, 10-storey residential building in the district ALSU on the plot To/1,3-7, underground pedestrian crossing the street Shevchenko, a children's stadium (Almetyevsk), reconstruction Samodurovka UPSV in the Ulyanovsk region, reconstruction of a workshop for processing and preparation of feed silos at 50,000 tons in the settlement Kuzaykino Almetyevsky district of Tatarstan, the reconstruction of the mnpp "Almetyevsk – Nizhny Novgorod", the reconstruction of the administrative building for the Almetyevsk Department of internal Affairs across St. Marjani, reconstruction, installation oil stabilization gas treatment unit in Orenburg region, the installation of outdoor lighting in courtyards of Central, Western and southern administrative districts of Moscow, construction of a livestock breeding complex "Aktyuba" in Aznakaevsky district, the extension of DNS-56 NGDU "jalilneft" of JSC "Tatneft", the construction of the complex for PVC production in Nizhny Novgorod region.

Mingulov Radik Minvaleeva
начальник Альметьевского монтажного управления.
Родился 5 июня 1979 г. в с. Старый Утямеш Черемшанского района РТ.
Образование: 1998 г. – Альметьевский политехнический техникум;
2006 г. – Казанский институт экономики и права.
2000 – 2014 гг. – электромонтажник, мастер, прораб, старший прораб, главный инженер АМУ;
с 2014 г. – начальник АМУ.

2013 г. – почетная грамота союза строителей РТ;
2017 г. – почетная грамота Российского союза строителей.

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Mingulov Radik Minvaleeva
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PGT. Nizhnaya Maktama, Gagarin street, 40

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