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BMU JSC "TATEM"Bugulma installation management

Bugulma installation management it operates since 1966. The range of activities of the office: along with the major oil production facilities - all SPS with substations, commercial parks, the preparation of the occp, tens of thousands of kilometers of power lines of different voltages from 0.4 - 220kV, hundreds of substations oilfield construction. For major advances in the development of oil areas and achieve Tatars abroad for oil production 100 million t/year workers installation administration was marked by government awards.

The office participated in the execution of electrical works on large objects construction industry:BMU AO TOTEM

Tatarstan - Orgsintez, Nizhnekamsk chemical plant, KAMAZ, Elabuga plant;
Russia - Apatity: Kola Peninsula, Vyazma, Novolipetsk;
Caucasus - Chechnya, The Elbrus Region;
abroad - Algeria, Mongolia, Yemen, Nigeria, Nepal, and Somalia.
The objects of residential, retail, healthcare, schools, kindergartens and other public buildings in the city of Bugulma, Aznakaevo, Leninogorsk, Bavly built with the participation of management professionals.

In 2005, the staff of Bugulma management group JSC "Tatelektromontazh" worked on the construction of the Kazan underground.

Currently Bugulma installation management working with oil companies in South-Eastern region of Tatarstan: NGDU "Irkenneft",NGDU "Bavlyneft", ZAO "Tatneft-Samara", JSC "Sredne-Volzhskiy Transnefteproduct", NGDU "Aznakaevskneft".

The activities of the office marked special the diploma of the winner of the XI all-Russian contest for the best construction organization.

Temples Yuri 
head of Bugulma and Assembly management JSC "Tatelektromontazh".

Born November 12, 1966 
In 1996 he graduated from the Kazan state architectural-construction Academy.

He career since 1985. from electrician, foreman, foreman, lead engineer, chief engineer of the construction Department to the head of the construction Department (2002).

Awarded medal "For military merit" (1988), the medal "For courage" (1989), medal «В память 1000-летия  Казани» (2005 g,FITUR medal "100 years trade unions Russia"(2007)Badge of honor "Construction Fame"(2016 gThe honorary title "Honored Builder of the Republic of Tajikistan"(2016),the order "For merits in construction" (2017)

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Temples Yuri
tel. (85594) 3-87-77
Chief engineer


tel. (85594) 3-87-25

423234, city of Bugulma, 

ул. Монтажная, 3а

Fax (85594) 3-87-34

 E-mail address bmu@tatem.ru


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