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Nizhnekamsk construction Department was set up in 1965 to perform electrical work on the construction of the Nizhnekamsk petrochemical plant, and today is composed of 5 electrical sections, site kitting, logistics and transportation (UPTK), mounting preparation section (MPS), area of mechanization with the depot and a group of technicians mechanism. The office has its own production base, consisting of 2 spans in the block of shops No. 2 Base of the construction industry in Nizhnekamsk area of over 4500 square meters. Management owns a fleet of special construction machinery in the amount of 46 units

In the city of Nizhnekamsk, the management performs more than 86% of all electrical work.

Major customers and General contractors are OJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", OJSC "TANECO", JSC "house-building Association-NC", "TAIF-NK", JSC "Nizhnekamsk oil Refinery", LLC "Kamgesteploenergostroy", LLC "Housing Investment Company", LLC "Technetium", and others.

In 2010 the main volume of electrical work performed in the construction of "Complex of refineries and petrochemical plants of JSC TANECO". The work on laying more than 100km of cables 110 and 220kV XLPE. The volume of the laying of such cables at one construction site - the only one in Russia. In addition, padded to 100 kilometers of the special trays (similar to trays of firm "OGLAEND") on a special technological trestles up to a height of 28 m. during 2010 without the involvement of management adopted under the complex testing of the equipment the installation of primary oil refining ELOU-AVT-7. In the start-up of the installation was attended by the President of the Russian Federation Medvedev D. A. the construction and installation works worth more than 1000 million.

In 2011, the management laid more than 1,500 km of cables for different applications in the production of Naphtha and units of Sulfur. Sotirova 12 PCs. floodlight masts with a height of 45 meters and 1 lightning mast with a total height of 68 meters. Executed works for the sum of 1079 million RUB for the Second time, the office will exceed one billion rubles.

For mechanization of works for the laying of cables gained control of two hydraulic winches with pull force 5 tons of the firm, Jacob Tyler.

Independence from General contractor management took over part of the excavation work on the device of networks of ground at the new site the construction of the Hydrocracking oil.

The management is continuously working to improve the quality of electrical work. This is done by careful production planning, incoming, operational and acceptance quality control of incoming materials and work performed. Use of new technologies and materials. Mastered electrical wiring in rooms with plasterboard partitions. Still widely used poster billet wire housing. In 2007 management system quality management certified by the Association "Russian register" for compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 certification system IQNet.

During the whole time of existence of management took the top places among the units of joint stock company "Tatelectromontazh".

The activities of the Department were awarded diplomas of the winner of VII,IX,XI,XII,XIII, XIV competition for the best construction organization of Russia. According to the results of XIV competition management awarded the title "Elite of construction complex" of Russia and awarded a diploma certifying that title.

Иванов Радик Михайлович
и.о. начальника НКМУ АО «ТАТЭМ»
Родился 6 июня 1979 г. в г. Нижнекамск РТ.
Образование высшее – в 2015 г. окончил КНИТУ по специальности «Электрооборудование и электрохозяйство предприятий, организаций и учреждений», инженер.
2001 – 2009 гг. – электромонтажник НКМУ АО «ТАТЭМ».
2010 – 2020 гг. – электромонтажник, мастер, прораб НКМУ АО «ТАТЭМ».
2020 – 2022 гг. – и.о. главного инженера НКМУ АО «ТАТЭМ».
С 1 марта 2022 г. – и.о. начальника НКМУ АО «ТАТЭМ».

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