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Management of logistics:

В состав Управления логистики входит Казанский завод светотехнической аппаратуры.
Kazan plant of lighting equipment was established on 1 November 1991 in the composition of the Trust "Tatelectromontazh" for the manufacture of lighting equipment and cable structures. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of lamps were put on the buildings, Kazan and Moscow.
In 2010-2011, she developed and mastered the serial production of the following products:
new cable rack, rack for heavy cables, brackets, boxes for architectural illumination of buildings, expanded the wide range of profiles;
cable Jack, hydraulic, for heavy cables up to 20t.;
a set of tools for the unwinding of the cable 160mm diameter: roller linear roller angular roller window manufacturer roller;
shockproof lamps for housing and communal services and address pointers to the LEDs;
led lighting fixtures office SSO;
led lamps for street and industrial series SSA and SSP;
frames panel equipment: lying, DB, QU, YAU, lighting panels.

These products were supplied to the following major objects:

JSC "TANECO" Nizhnekamsk. Nizhnekamsk refinery, Kazan metro Cable collectors, and cameras, Moscow, JSC "Kazancompressormash", medical institutions of Russia, housing projects, JSC "Orgsintez" Kazan. architectural illumination of Moscow  and other large objects of Tatarstan and Russia.

For "Network companies" was developed and manufactured hundreds of anti-vandal shields accounting. Currently working on serial production of explosion-proof boxes and lamps.

For active participation in the XV national contest for the best enterprise of construction the plant was awarded a diploma.

Sevrjugin Dmitry Andreevich

Начальник Управления логистики
Родился 16 августа 1982 г. в г. Казани.
В 2005 г. окончил Казанский энергетический государственный университет (КЭГУ)
по специальности «Техника и технология».Инженер.

1999-2008 гг. – электромонтажник, мастер КМУ-1, КМУ-2;
2008-2014 гг. – инженер отдела оборудования АО «ТАТЭМ»;
2014-2018 гг. – заместитель начальника Управления логистики;

С 2018 г. – начальник Управления логистики.
2017 г. – почетная грамота администрации Ново-Савиновского района г. Казани.

и.о. главного инженера Управления логистики
Мартазов Виталий Викторович
tel.Fax +7(843) 522-74-60
420132, Kazan, and/I 75,
Adoratsky str., 50A



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